Be the difference

2000 Hertz pure energy

There is always only one ORIGINAL - amplitrain EMA Training is EMS training based on modern medium frequency.
EMA Training is highly intensive, effective, physiological and optimally compatible muscle training.

And all in a unique design - the AmpliCube is a completely new generation of EMS device.
Experience the high-tech die of EMS to EMA.

Excellent and Innovative – amplitrain wins the PLUS X Award in several categories, the renowned "German Design Award 2017" and was recently nominated for the German Brand Award 2017.


Increase the frequency...

EMA Training - when training should be perfect.

The Electric Muscle-Activation by amplitrain relies on high-tech in the form of medium-frequency current – more precisely on a modulated middle frequency (MMF) of 2000 Hz. The scientifically researched „virtually physiological“ muscle effect of the middle frequency represents amplitrain’s unique position. Thereby, the AmpliCube is a training device that leaves practically nothing else to be desired and no training objectives unfulfilled. With the AmpliCube, complete body training is made possible, thus doing justice to the high tech demands of today’s age for the first time. Thanks to the freely adjustable ‚bio-electric‘ impulses, the Cube makes your body really sweat, thereby bringing you closer to your goals. And also for those who do not want to sweat, the Cube offers first-class potential applications for relaxation and activating the metabolism, all the way to promoting regeneration. the difference...

“Creating something difficult takes a long time – creating something impossible takes a bit longer”

– The new AmpliCube follows this motto as well. It is the evolution of a success story.

For years, amplitrain has conquered the world of training with the use of middle frequency in the range of 2000 Hz. Thousands of users are impressed by EMA technology. Numerous professional athletes, distinguished physicians, among others, as well as some medical departments of the football Bundesliga clubs such as Mainz 05 and Bayer 04 Leverkusen rely on the use of AmpliTrain. You may be asking yourself, “What is EMA training?” It saves time and is extremely effective fitness training that is an optimal motivational aid even for the most unathletic individuals with quick training success configuration. EMA training is going into the next round with the new AmpliCube: Training
is getting even simpler and more mobile!
The new training device AmpliCube, the new EMA suit AmpliSkin and the versatile control software AmpliApp - a trio that is setting standards!


…that will electrify you…

The CUBE – the heart with Hertz

Small but what performance...
Amplitrain has managed to make its successful product, AmpliTrain PRO, considerably smaller in the form of the AmpliCube, thereby making it more mobile and pleasant to use.


  • High-quality aluminium housing
  • Size: 13 x 15 x 15 cm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Touch-sensitive control/operating elements on a fineglass surface
  • Rechargeable/replaceable battery
  • 8 channels (1 cable can be connected directly to the CUBE)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 15“ touch monitor (built into a console)
  • Made in Germany

…that makes everything possible

The AmpliApp  – a control station in itself

AmpliCube software manages, documents and plans your training. It is now easy for a trainer to manage his customers and to create a specific training programme for each and every one. He is also now able to store his customers individualised training instructions in the form of a video that is precisely tailored to the training programme. Running on ANDROID and coupled over Bluetooth 4.0, your training can be operated by means of a touchscreen monitor. AmpliApp does not only bring EMA Training to the next level, but leads it into another dimension!


  • Free creation of training programmes
  • Individual setting of the impulses
  • Create your own training videos as training instructions
  • Trainings videos can be freely selected for individual sequences
  • New training programmes can be directly implemented at any time
  • click&train function for simple operation
  • Group training function for any number of devices
  • Up to four people train at a single device
  • Each of the eight channels can be controlled separately
  • Integrated user administration

…and doesn’t let you go anymore.

The new AmpliSkin suit – The current bender 4.0

Amplitrain presents the high-tech suit AmpliSkin. Compression sportswear technology is used for an even better fit and optimal stretchability.
The electrodes are replaceable. Thereby, for the first time, it is possible to replace individual electrodes in a quick and simple manner in the case of wear and you can continuously ensure high-quality training for your customers.


  • Replaceable electrodes
  • Individual setting of the impulses
  • Compression technology, sportswear
  • Even better fit – simple handling
  • Unisex
  • Machine washable
  • Integrated leg electrodes
  • Magnetic connection to the CUBE
  • Can be used directly on the skin and on undergarments
  • Optimised for undergarments due to improved water storage

Amplitrain in the group


Using the function AmpliGroup, the new AmpliApp makes it possible  for as many devices as required to be connected for use in group training. Thereby, one station becomes the so-called master and all the other ones the slaves. The trainer controls the training for everyone via the master control unit while each participant is capable of adjusting the intensity of the various electrodes at their station independently of the others.

With AmpliMulti, up to four people can train at a single station. This means extreme ease, for example, when using for company fitness. AmpliMulti is the name of the upgrade, that you require in order to be able to train at an AmpliTrain station with up to four AmpliCubes.


Middle frequency for your country

Let’s globalise the middle frequency together

We are always looking for new distributors.
Bring AmpliTrain technology to your country.

Amplitrain GmbH is active on a worldwide level with their middle-frequency training systems.

EMA technology is a young technology and therefore fully unknown in many countries - for you, this signifies a unique opportunity to introduce and represent a successful technology by AmpliTrain exclusively in your country .
If you are interested in distributing AmpliCube in your country, please contact mail [at] or visit us at our Mannheim location.

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